God Never Changes!

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. In Him there is no shadow of turning, for God never changes. He is consistent Love Loving you consistently. You can trust Him entirely knowing there is no hidden or secret side to His personality that He is concealing. We can only truly rest in Father’s Loving Embrace in the Knowledge that He can and will NEVER change.

Unfortunately, religion has us believing we can and indeed must persuade God to change His heart toward us if we are to avoid hell and enter Heaven. Where is the assurance and peace – let alone intimacy – with a heart that changes and, therefore, must be continually appeased? Can such a heart not change back? This is an unspoken, underlying fear and despair in modern Christianity. The loving father portrayed by modern evangelicalism is inconsistent, unreliable, indifferent and let’s be honest, to be feared.

Yet, it is God’s Love alone that birthed us and changed us having reconciled All back to Himself as new creations In Christ. As we shall see, Father needs no persuading to Love. It’s Who He Is!

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One of the greatest comforts in my life is knowing God never changes. I recently experienced a tough couple of weeks where all seemed taught and tense. I was trying to abide but failed miserably, allowing angst and heaviness to cloud my mind. Lovely! When I did manage to take a moment and breathe, Father simply released Peace in my heart, reminding me of how safe He Truly Is. He constantly Loves, Cares and Comforts me throughout all tantrums! There is not one single thing we ever did that unlocked and released our Father’s Love or Acceptance. Father’s Love is Steadfast, Unwavering and Unequivocally Determined in His Heart from before the very foundations of the world (Eph 1:4; 2Tim. 1:9). He chose you and Knew you as His beloved child…from all eternity! There is nothing you can do that will ever separate you from such Love and Acceptance, regardless of how you feel or what you think of yourself, or how others think of you! Woo Hoo!

God is not Love because He has chosen to be so, or because He has chosen not to be hateful. God’s Being and Essence is Love, and this Love is the Life Known and Experienced only of the Triune God from all eternity.

This Circle of Love is Life itself. There is no other. The astounding Grace of God is that He Determined and Desired you experience and participate In this Glorious Life. Such Grace of the Triune God is the womb of your being, and the supreme purpose for creation!

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The very fact you are alive, is proof Dad wanted you! It’s confirmation that you are His Beloved child whom He desires shares In His Life for all Eternity. He determined this was your destiny and that nothing would prevent it from being so. It’s so freeing to know God never changes! Our Father’s desire for us has been fully accomplished In Christ.

“Our humanity, everything that it means to be human has its origin and being and existence in and out of the Fellowship of the Father, Son and Spirit…We are created in the image of this Triune God, created to be united with, to partake of and to participate in the Trinitarian Life from its intimate fellowship to its unbounded creativity and joy.”

C. Baxter Kruger: “The Light of the Cosmos”

In James 1 we are reminded that;

“Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change. God was delighted to give us birth by the Truth of His infallible Word so that we would fulfil His chosen destiny for us and become the favourite ones out of all creation.”

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Dare we believe there is a source of human existence outside of Jesus Christ? Is it possible to come into being, to appear within God’s creation, to have life and being apart from Jesus Christ, the Creator and Sustainer of All things?

“For the Apostles such a question is anathema. Jesus is the source of all living things, and in Him the universe and the human race, not just the Christian Church, live and move and have their being.”

C. Baxter Kruger “The Light of the Cosmos”

It’s Family. A Family united In Love In the very Heart of God Himself. God never changes and in this Indivisible Oneness of the Trinity there comes a heavenly assurance (parhesia) that permeates our entire being so we can freely and fully participate in such Love. You are free to be you without any fear of…well, being judged, forsaken, condemned, rejected or shamed.

Fear has to do with judgement. Are we forgetting Jesus declaring, “Not even the Father judges anyone…” (John 5:22) and again in speaking of Himself, “I have come not to judge but to save that which is lost.” (Mth 18:11: see John 3:17-19.)? Western Christian thinking depicts God as a monad deity having a split personality, with love and justice in conflict with each another. And thus, we have a legal case to prepare and present before the heavenly courts, to earn our acquittal, escape hell, and allow god to love us – for he cannot or will not without our persuasion. Um…that’s not the Gospel! Such ingrained religiosity becomes our default mindset. This is the poison of Greek religion and Roman legalism where we create god in our own image, having judged Him as the one eternally judging us.

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Such punitive judgement originates solely in us. Jesus declared we have been judged already (by ourselves) in choosing not to believe in the Only Begotten Son of God: in the Truth of our being In Him. In Adam, we judged God as a cruel and angry god who desires to condemn us should we ever fail in His sight. He cannot be trusted because His heart is unpredictable and one day, He will reveal His true nature in condemning and torturing you forever so His justice and righteousness are glorified. He really doesn’t care about you, and is only good, until you are not! His wrath predetermines that you are punished for any transgression, His bow bent, arrow targeted against your very heart…waiting for any excuse…eh, sorry…opportunity to strike. The whole “Sinners in the hands of an angry god” catastrophe!

Please join me in quoting Merida, from the movie, “Brave” (in your best Scottish princess accent)…

“Well that’s a nice storeee!”

Princess Merida from the clan DunBroch!

And, if I may add, dead religion and legalism: the very antithesis of the Good News. God is not angry at you! He is not desiring to prove how holy, just or righteous He is by throwing some of His Beloved children into hell fire…It’s time to see what Father sees and to co-know with Him.

In our follow-up post, in looking further into how God never changes, you will see yourself completely free in His constant Loving of you, able to rest on Daddy’s lap.

As He Is.


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