God Will Never Forsake You!

God will never forsake you. Your Heavenly Father will never abandon or disown you. He will never turn His back on you, renounce you or disinherit you. Religion says otherwise, whispering its lies that God is angry, His nature is unpredictable and inconsistent, and He is to be forever appeased for He may forsake you at any moment. Religion puts the onus for salvation and reconciliation firmly in your lap. But the Triune God of Grace will never forsake or deny you…even if you deny Him!

It is not always easy to reconcile some of the more challenging scriptures with the Triune God who is Grace and Love itself; but He never changes. Our limited understanding wavers, following well trodden paths of an inherited modern theology. These shadowed paths are well worn after many centuries of our self-righteous and pious pilgrimages to legalisms and religious traditions that, unbeknownst, leave us blind and lead us astray.

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The Objective Reality and Truth of God, In Whom we are Eternally bound In Jesus Christ is far above and beyond our subjective experiences and understanding. So, if Holy Spirit is not showing us the deeper and abiding Truth of a verse, we must be content to see it as a mystery yet to be revealed.

Mystery trumps mastery every time! Faith trumps theology every time! The Triune God’s Reality is Reality: there is no other. Their Life is Life: there is no other. Their Truth is Truth: there is no other.

One such challenging scripture people have asked me about is Matthew 10:33, where Jesus is giving instruction to His disciples before sending them out and declares;

“But, whoever denies me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in Heaven.”

We will approach this verse as we must all scripture: knowing Jesus Christ is perfect Theology. He is hermeneutics (how we interpret and understand scripture). This is why Christology – the understanding of who Jesus Christ Is and what became of Him in His Incarnate Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension – is so important.

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Remember, He is The Living Word, The Logos. He is The Eternally Begotten Son of God, The Creator and Sustainer of All things, the Anointed One In Holy Spirit, and the One in whose image we were created! We are now co-seated with Him. Our being is wrapped up In His and He has promised to make such Truth known to us, in order that we may freely participate in the Life we were created for (John 8:32; 14:20). As we behold He who Is Life and Light, we see (behold) our being In His. When we see Him, we see our true selves!

Holding this Truth in our hearts, let’s return to Matthew where we will discover these verses in Matthew are actually about seeing our identity wrapped up In Jesus Christ.

Firstly, the word ‘deny’ means ‘to refuse to admit the truth of’. It’s not about rejection, abandonment or punishment! Secondly, in the preceding verse Jesus says, “Therefore, everyone who confesses Me before men I will also confess him before My Father who is in Heaven.” The word ‘confess‘ means ‘to speak agreeable to fact and truth; to publicly acknowledge someone.’ It comes from homologos; literally, ‘to be of one mind with’.

In God’s Mind, His Justice is the Finished Work, where All mankind are included in the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ! His Justice is the fulfilment of the Trinity’s original and only plan for creation and All mankind…Our Eternal Life of sonship In Jesus Christ.

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Truth is True whether we believe it or not! How can one possibly freely participate in Truth and experience its liberation without knowing such Truth? Darkness prevents us from knowing who Jesus Truly Is, that In Him is Life, and that He is the Light of All men. We may even love darkness more than the Light which exposes our religious, self-righteousness and self-salvific efforts as mere chaff. This false identity is sin, a disease that poisons our minds and, like leprosy sentences us to a slow dying in a certain death; a slipping into non being.

The Triune God will not allow you to perish in such a perversion of your True identity! They did not create you for such purpose. They did not create you to exist in darkness like a self-obsessed Gollum. They created you to share In Their Life In Intimate Communion!

These verses in Matthew concern Christ’s Identity and our believing: our being of one mind with Him. It is really about Jesus affirming who you are before Father, even if you deny your True self! Denying Christ in this context is to deny yourself and, therefore, in Loving you He will deny that this false self you believe in is the real you! It’s a liberating Truth of a Love that never gives up and that pursues and woos your heart so you can fully partake In the Life Jesus shares with Father In the Holy Spirit, and has from all Eternity!

But, you may declare, “I am a sinner and deserve to be punished. I know I have failed you. I am a worm in your eyes and you are just to throw me in the pit. I cannot be who you say I am. I am unworthy and cannot be included, holy, righteous…blah blah blah…” The other side of self is just as blind and pathetic; “I kept all your laws and served you faithfully! I walked righteously and uprightly. I did all you required of me. Aren’t you proud of me?” Either way, it’s all about ‘me‘! So, by not being of one mind with Jesus we deny and contradict Father’s Heart toward us. To contradict Christ’s True Person and, therefore, our true, redeemed and restored identity and original innocence, we refuse to accept our true sonship.

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So, what is a loving God to do with that, with our delusion?…simply affirm who you Truly are, again and again and again and again, UNTIL you get it! He refuses your blind interpretations and darkened understandings of your own person! You scream sinful orphan and He says, “No! You are my beloved son in whom my soul delights.” That is His Just Judgement over you. Father’s No! is always a Yes!

If you deny who you are, it’s really self-focus that stems from an unbelief in the Goodness of God as revealed in Christ Jesus. Such alienation and enmity with God is only real in our twisted and distorted minds (Cols 1:21). God was never our enemy! Our loving Father will deny that our perception of being a sinful reprobate is the Truth of who we are. He will never cease Loving you, determined you come to see it and believe it and, being of one mind with Him, fully participate in it. You may prefer the hell that is religion (hades: to not see; darkness!) but He designed and predestined you in Christ, for Life In Him.

These verses affirm our Inclusion. They do not confirm our fearful suspicions of being forsaken. Be assured, The Triune God will never forsake you!

As He Is


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