God’s Grace is to be Drunk Straight

Simply put, God’s Grace is to be drunk straight. It is an intoxicating libation that, quite simply, must be undiluted. No additives, no artificial ingredients and no fillers. Straight. No substitutes, no counterfeit alternatives or synthetic pretenders. It is to be enjoyed as presented to us, completely pure and untouched by human hands. Grace needs no embellishments to tailor it for the specific appetite of any particular brand of church. No. The Gospel of God’s Grace, and Grace Himself is to be drunk in its Pure form: straight. Unadulterated and uncontaminated. It is Life and it is Joy. It is His Life and His Joy in you and it is completely free.

There is no substitute! Grace is always to be drunk straight, and is always available for you to drink anytime. In Truth, we are immersed in it and completely absorbed by it already: we just get to enjoy the benefits of it! We don’t make Grace real nor do we earn it for it is God’s abundant tenderheartedness to have blessed us with every treasure in Heaven in Christ Jesus, before the foundations of creation were even set in place. His Grace is not something we must persuade Him to release to us. He is not holding back anything. He is not a reluctant giver. It is God’s Heart freely bestowed.

For far too long now, we have been hearing in church a persistent, weekly pontification that begins with our separation from God, makes much of sin, and defines us as sinners with a sinful nature (of course) which we must put to death…apparently. It warns of how licentiousness is the subtle trap that will ensnare us if we cheapen Grace or take it for granted. I wonder if they know Grace at all; if they have actually recognised True Grace Himself? Unfortunately it seems not, for they have mixed their drinks, lacing Grace with a gnostic, dead theology. Refusing to drink Grace straight they actually prefer to serve up a toxic dram, creating a thirst that will never be quenched.

It’s just like Father to trap us, isn’t it? To offer Grace only to cage us, like some demented and perverted child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Um…no! Unlike most of the western church, God is not obsessed with sin. Rather, His obsession is you. Yes, you! Holy Spirit loves to convict us and remind us of who we are and Whose we are! You cannot cheapen Grace; it’s free! That’s why it’s Grace. A gift freely granted, freely bestowed and never to be revoked. When The Triune God gives, He gives completely and entirely, without agenda and without measure or portion. For the Triune God, it’s All or nothing. A complete emtpying of One for the sake of the other.

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There is a very real and present move of God that is tantamount to nothing short of a great awakening. Holy Spirit is literally awakening us to our inclusion in the Triune God, to the Gospel of Grace and the Finished Work of the Cross. It is an unveling of the Truth of who Jesus Christ is and who we are. We are awakening to the objective Truth that we are the image and likeness of God in human form. We have forgotten what manner of man we are and the Rock from Whom we were hewn. As we mentioned in a previous post, Jesus came to introduce you to you.

No one is excluded. Separation from God is a deception and an illusion. All are in Christ and included in the Triune Life of God. Such is Grace. Such is the Gospel. It must be drunk straight. No additives, no substitutes and no religious teetotal attitude either, please.

His is an intoxicating Presence, such that Paul would describe being beside himself, (from the Greek word ekstase ) that is, seemingly mad or insane. Paul was in ecstasy; literally, blissfully out of his mind with pleasure. Clearly, Joy is on the menu!

Can we in the western church really declare that we are overflowing with Joy, having drunk Grace straight? Or do we esteem too highly our appearing pious, sober and in sound mind as we use wise and persuasive words to impress and captivate others? Erroneously believing Grace leads to aforementioned licentiousness, we doctor it, water it down and mix it with toxic religion (law) creating a lethal concoction that numbs the masses. Law is all we taste. And we thrive on it! By viewing the Objective Truth of God’s Living Word, His Logos, Jesus Christ through our inherited Greek philosophical and gnostic understanding, we only serve to distort the Gospel of Grace.

Boy, do we ever need awakening! We need it and Holy Spirit is providing it. Now! Today! It’s time we wake up to see the Light of His Truth and embrace who He says He is and who He says we are: the beloved children of our Eternal Father.

When you drink Grace straight you will no longer be subject to your circumstances, other people’s opinions or dead religion. Your heart will resonate with Truth as Holy Spirit unveils Christ in you, to you. You will very quickly loose whatever taste you once had for any drink other than straight Grace. No soda water, no ice, no umbrella. Your head will definitely pop not a few fuses – as mine most certainly has done and hopefully will continue to do – but your heart will ignite as you simply believe. Faith is simply agreeing with what God declares and believes, agreeing with His Living Word.

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That is why we need to know who Jesus really is and what He accomplished (Christology). This is why we need to have a Trinitarian Theology and to know all scripture points to and unveils Jesus Christ: God’s Word of Grace to His children.

You are defined by Father’s Heart toward you, by His Truth concerning you. There is no other truth. There is no other you. Father is Reality. It’s whatever He declares to be so. You are His beloved. As is every person on the planet and everyone who ever lived or will ever live. All are included in Christ, the Creator and Sustainer of All. There is no outside of God, no separation, no distance, no exclusion…except in our deceived minds.

We must start with a Christological understanding of the Triune God. There we find ourselves in Christ, wrapped up in Father’s Embrace, in the Fellowship of Holy Spirit….always were, always will be…
Anything less, is dead religion.

It’s time to wake up to the Truth of who we are and who God really is; as revealed in Jesus Christ. You are Included!!! Drink up! And please, when it comes to Grace, do not drink responsibly!

As He Is


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